Wim Getkate

Country Manager, African Clean Energy (ACE) Solutions, Uganda

Knowledge is one of the few things on this earth which multiplies when shared, like happiness and love. Sharing it must therefore be the right thing to do. Doing the right thing is at the core of ACE Solutions. We believe that cooking should not kill and that basic access to electricity should be a reality for everyone. However, since we operate in a complex ecosystem, we cannot achieve this on our own. We need to work together with partners of the quadruple helix: private sector, government institutions, academia and civil society. No single player can boast to have all knowledge and experience to deliver high-impact household energy solutions. Thus, for the local population in remote areas of Uganda – let alone the country as a whole – to enjoy the socio-economic, environmental and health benefits promised by renewable energy technologies, proper management and sharing of knowledge is crucial. This is now considering only one subsector and not even talking about the region, continent or the world at large. Therefore, we at ACE Solutions Uganda fully support the idea of creating a knowledge platform, Kampala Knowledge City, and are very interesting in cooperating and sharing skills, expertise and experiences in this area.