New edition of the Agenda Knowledge for Development

Today saw the publication of the third edition of the Agenda Knowledge for Development which is available for download here.

There are a number of differences between the second and third versions:

  • It now includes 130 personal statements, rather than 73 in the previous edition.
  • There is a new Knowledge Development Goal 14: ‘The arts and culture are central to knowledge societies’
  • There are additional targets on communities of practice (6.6) and indigenous knowledge (3.5), reflecting a number of personal statements.


Kampala Knowledge Week, 6-8 August 2018

Kampala.Knowledge.Week took place on 6-10 August 2018. It included the first Africa-based Knowledge for Development Partnership (K4DP) meeting. The Agenda Knowledge for Development, as well as the mission and strategies of K4DP have been acknowledged and highly appreciated by the 100 participants at Hotel Africana in the centre of Kampala.

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