Syed Khaled Ahsan

The World Bank Office in Bangladesh

Knowledge and development are complementary to each other. The connotation of knowledge is broad in the context of development. There is a need for a culture to be patronized by the state and a habit by its citizens to live in a knowledge-based society. In the time of the deadly coronavirus, it is more necessary than before. Perceptions, post-truth, and cognitive bias all are very dominant now across the world.

Scientific knowledge or the quest for knowledge has lost its ground in a highly hostile environment. Who can outperform this epidemic of ignorance? It’s none other than a knowledge-based society! Knowledge is truth, and it must show humankind the right path for a solution. A good number of people are working in laboratories, hospitals, and academia to bring that knowledge to us. We are awaiting to see that the light of knowledge, sooner it will arrive there.