Syed Ishtiaque Reza

Editor in Chief, GTV

Bangladesh economy has experienced tremendous growth in some selected industries such as readymade garment, leather, food-processing and service sector like information technology over the last two decades. The country also made considerable progress on reducing extreme poverty measured by 1.9 USD per day. Other six goals of SDG – end hunger, health for all, quality education for all, gender equality and women’s empowerment and drinking water and sanitation for all are highly challenging for Bangladesh. Since 1990s, when Bangladesh went for large scale market liberalization, Bangladesh’s media continued playing important role in raising awareness about the Sustainable Development. In today’s knowledge society, media people here are focusing well on some cross-cutting issues and drivers of development like knowledge-based sustained, inclusive and maintainable economic growth, decent jobs for all, resilient infrastructure, bearable industrialization, innovation and skill development and a long quest for a plural political system. To achieve all these targets, I believe the education system needed improvement in all stages where media has a role to play as change agents.