Bedi Amouzou

Shira Bayigga Mukiibi

Manager, Renewable Energy Business Incubator, Uganda

Advancing knowledge to accelerate clean energy businesses
The Renewable Energy Business Incubator’s (REBi) mandate is to support the development of local renewable energy sustainable enterprises and improve clean energy access in Uganda. As part of its strategic plan, REBi is set to share knowledge and experiences on proven renewable energy business models through its one-stop centre for information and knowledge exchange. As such, various stakeholders in Uganda and the East Africa region shall have access to vital information that will provide input towards development of sustainable renewable energy businesses. We therefore value the ‘Knowledge Cities’ initiative and are willing to continue bringing together various stakeholders during networking events and similar workshops organized by REBi to further enhance knowledge and information sharing within the renewable energy business sector in Uganda. REBi is willing to cooperate and share knowledge, opportunities and experiences in order to accelerate clean energy business development.