Bedi Amouzou

Ronnie Ntambi

Chief Executive Officer, Pictures of Africa

Trend vanes are indicating that advanced economies are being radically altered by dynamic processes of economic and spatial restructuring within the frame of a new knowledge economy. Today, knowledge is addressed as a key driver in urban development hence many cities all around the world are in fierce competition to attract talent and innovation by adopting various policy measures and incentives for promoting the knowledge city concept. Global urban planners see Knowledge-based urban development (KBUD) as a new form of urban development for the 21st Century that could, potentially, bring both economic prosperity and sustainable socio-spatial order to a contemporary city. We are excited that the concept of a Kampala Knowledge city is being mooted.

As a company that helps individuals, institutions, small and large organizations, corporations and companies tell their stories, build their brands and effectively and efficiently communicate with their stakeholder, Pictures of Africa is proud to be associated with the proposed Kampala Knowledge City. We commit our support to the process of making this concept a reality.