Prince Lekan Fadina

Executive Director, Centre for Investment, Sustainable Development, Management and Environment (CISME)

The world is facing myriads of challenges – inequality, poverty, high level illiteracy, economic crises, climate change, migration, finance and banking. Knowledge is a veritable tool for addressing these challenges and turning them into opportunities. Knowledge is central to the realization of the societal transformation. Knowledge needs to be made available to a greater number people. It needs to be more of developing the thought processes and gathering the right information for in-depth decision-making to enhance the well-being of the people and society. Knowledge helps in developing the appropriate skills and empowerment. It provides the template for passing through the uncertain, volatile and dynamic world. We welcome the various global initiatives: the Global Trade System, Paris Climate Agreement, Sustainable Development Goals, Gender and Youth among others. They underscore the urgent need to develop citizens that can implement them now and in the future. Knowledge is the key that can unlock these potentials and serves as an essential input in an increasingly digitalized, innovative, creative and technologicalera of today and the next century.

There is urgent need for collaboration between the North and South and especially between and among developing countries. Knowledge is the essential ingredient for integrating and transforming national planning and strategies for sustainable development. The CISME has been a strong disciple of a knowledge driven world. It is this commitment that inspired CISME as lead founder of the Institute of Sustainable Development Practitioners of Nigeria to focus attention in addressing gaps in knowledge, skill and human capital development. We believe that the next generation needs to reconcile sustainability in the management of an unbalanced world. This reality means that we must learn new ways of working with others through acquisition of knowledge so that we can be informed, engaged and tolerant citizens of the world – knowledge is power..