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Welcome to K4DP – the Knowledge for Development Partnership, which was founded under Austrian law at the Palais des Nations, Geneva, on 3 April 2017 during the “Knowledge for Development: Global Partnership Conference”. 

We are a non-profit organisation (NGO) promoting the global advancement of peaceful, wealthy, sustainable, and inclusive knowledge societies, fostering global knowledge partnerships for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and implementing the Agenda 2030. 

With partners from all over the world, K4DP aims to localize and implement the global Agenda Knowledge for Development.

KM Award 2022: The Winners are…

The presidium of Knowledge Management Austria and the Board of Directors of the Knowledge for Development Partnership have decided to bestow the KM Award 2022 to

Prof. Vincent Ribière – as an Individual

see his profile on LinkedIn

Asian Development Bank – as an International Organisation

see ADB´s website


KM Award 2021: 

Prof. Eric Tsui – as an Individual

see his profile on LinkedIn

Green Climate Fund – as an International Organization

see GCFund´s website

We gratulate the winners to their outstanding achievements! 

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Getting deeper…

About us

K4DP aims to include stakeholder groups from all over the world to create, drive and implement the Agenda Knowledge for Development for better knowledge sharing and collaboration, increased competence in knowledge management, and better conditions for individual knowledge work.

National knowledge partnerships have been established to localize the agenda and set local, national and regional initiatives. Communication platforms are established to bring together the K4D community to learn, share, and perform better together.


Agenda for Knowledge Development

The Agenda is aimed at providing a universal knowledge framework offering guiding principles, nurturing the dialogue on knowledge, strengthening global knowledge ecosystems and, ultimately, contributing to
better success in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals of  the United Nations.

Based on the statements of 130 experts and representatives of multi-stakeholder communities, this Agenda has been presented in its current version in April 2017  at the UN Office in Geneva.


School of Knowledge Sciences

The School of Knowledge Sciences provides academic education and training, research, communication and outreach as well as art activities. The global faculty includes world-leading experts and practitioners. The K4D Challenge 2021 will be the flagship programme combining education/training with real action and outreach, grounded in research and collaborating with artists. 

The School of Knowledge Sciences is acting in cooperation with academic institutions, some of which are establishing Centres of Knowledge Sciences at their campus.

Statements  for the Agenda K4D

What our Agenda contains

Natasha Mhango

Natasha Mhango Knowledge Management and Communication Specialist for the Enhanced Smallholder Livestock Investment Program (E-SLIP), Zambia. Knowledge is key in decision-making. Good decisions (and bad ones!) are based on the knowledge that is available. It is important,...

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Chris Zielinski

Chris Zielinski Senior Consultant Partnerships in Health Information program. With over 30 years of working in this field in international organizations at the senior level and as a consultant, mainly in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Chris is currently working on knowledge...

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Atsu Senamé

Atsu Senamé A Certified Knowledge Manager who has developed expertise in knowledge management as part of his duties. Has participated in missions to develop knowledge management strategies, capitalize on experiences, and train as a mission leader. An associate consultant for...

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Vladimir Leschenko

Vladimir Leschenko A Certified Knowledge Manager at KM Alliance association expert counsel. Head and a Member of the Rosstandart Technical Committee 100 (strategic and innovation management). A founder of professional Youtube channel KM talks and co-author of the book “Rosatom...

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Success Stories

Reports from all around the world

Learn more about our successful projects all around the world.

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