Bedi Amouzou

Osbert Osamai

Systems Analist, National Information Technology Authority, Uganda

Knowledge is a vital ingredient in the economic development of any country. In the area of ICT, adoption of online Government services (e-services) is highly dependent on knowledge that the service exists, knowledge of the regulatory and legal framework and knowledge in the skills required to access and use the service. Such knowledge should be documented by responsible parties, stored securely, shared freely with the citizens and updated regularly. Furthermore all contributions made to the knowledge-base should be evaluated and confirmed by expert teams to ensure trust in the content. Finally, knowledge can be abused to facilitate cybercrime and other unwanted activities. In that case we should all have mechanisms in place to counter such malicious behavior and sensitize our citizens about the same.

As a country let us strive to acquire more knowledge in vital areas of our lives by improving our reading culture, collaboration with the global community and sharing our research extensively. I believe that the knowledge city will trigger our desire to learn more both locally and globally and contribute to the well-being of our people.