They are the future

Next Level Academy

Form & empower the next generation of knowledge partners for a sustainable world

With the Next Level Academy we want to connect young people (between 16 and 30) with a strong committment to knowledge, development and partnership.

  • Knowledge: Being committed to high school graduation and if possible university and continued learning. Weekly meetings (f2f or online) to learn, discuss, reflect.
  • Development: Co-creating ideas how to improve life in the communities, societies; live responsible citizenship; foster entrepreneurial initiative through actions, initiatives, projects, services, start-ups.
  • Partnership: Mutually supporting each other, built on strong relations with the communities: individual mentors and organisations, like universities, companies, ngos, governments, IOs, etc.


We believe in…

Value 1: Knowledge

NLA members are committed to the continuous pursuit of knowledge, truth, and wisdom, aimed at competent and responsible action, unbiased scientific advancement, and holistic understanding of human and universal being, complementing education and training as a life-long individual engagement.

Value 2: Development

NLA members are committed to pursuing sustainable development on any level, including the personal, community, national and global level. Sustainable development reflects human rights, the sustainable development goals of the United Nations, and any positive aspiration for better life on earth.

Value 3: Partnership

NLA members are committed to life-long partnership among themselves and among their individual members. In community of the principles, all individual members have a right to fair helpfulness and advancement of trust, considering the high responsibility of their use.

Value 4: Love and compassion

The pursuit of knowledge, development and partnership shall always be rooted in love and compassion of humanity and life on earth, bringing forth good conscience of its members. NLA members are respectful of religions and individual beliefs and will never require or prefer any religious affiliation.


The first partner: GYCO


GYCO is an Ugandan youth organisation established in 2017, headquarters in Gulu, Uganda and Vienna, Austria.

It aim to inspire and transform the mindset of young people in Northern Uganda, affected by the aftermath of war, by unlocking their potential in order to build a self-empowering and proactive youth. Originally called Gulu Youth Conference, it has widened its horizon to connect with young people all over the world as Global Youth Conference. For more information click here.

Benefits for NLA members

  • Discovering and unleashing one´s personality and potential
  • Contributing to a better world, meaning and relevance of life
  • Gaining trust in oneself and in a team
  • Developing an open, curious and transformative mind
  • Taking responsible action
  • Collaborating in partnerships with peers, experts and organisations
  • Gaining experience in leading and managing an organisation
  • Improving knowledge skills, making best use of knowledge
  • Creating a business plan and implementing it
  • Understanding society, business and the SDGs

Core activities

  • Open office
    NLA provides a space and infrastructure to come together, share, learn, co-create, and more.
  • Weekly meetings
    Knowledge input/trainings and discussion; socialization, rather internal
  • Monthly events
    Open activities/workshops, events, social activity; open participation, strong linkages to community
  • Two-monthly action planning
    Initiating, planning, monitoring and reviewing actions, initiatives, projects, start-ups
  •  Individual coaching and mentoring
    By senior K4D partners on individual basis
  • Media production
    NLA provides opportunities to learn about creating knowledge media, like films and other cool knowledge products to create awareness and disseminate knowledge in the communities
  • Connections
    Helping them to connect with K4D Partners, like experts, businesses, academia, media and connecting Next Level Academies in the country and around the world

How K4DP supports NLA

Identity and community

  • Common values, empowering identity, social cohesion

Space and equipment

  • NLA education and art center as a space for physical meeting, communication, socializing, learning, working,
  • IT-equipment and internet access to participate in the global knowledge society

Essential trainings

  • Management, leadership and entrepreneurship
  • 21st century Knowledge skills
  • Digital skills related to knowledge skills
  • In depth communication skills incl. video production
  • Development skills, Society and the SDGs

Mobilization, guidance, mentoring, support

  • Supporting youth to define and implement their own projects or start-ups
  • Regular monitoring and support


  • Financial resources to implement actions, activities, start-ups


  • Helping them to connect with K4D Partners, like experts, businesses, acedemia, media
  • Connecting GYCO withn the country and around the world

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