Knowledge for Development Challenges

The K4D Challenges are both educational and transformational programmes jointly implemented by K4DP and partner institutions. They focus on the Knowledge Management Challenges in sectors – like agriculture – or in a country. Participants are joining a comprehensive Certification Training Programme and apply the learnings directly in the team to solve pressing challenges in the respective knowledge ecosystem.

Participants are mastering 3 challenges


They develop or advance the KM concepts for their organisations, supported by world-leading KM experts.


They solve KM challenges in the sector/country with knowledge policy briefs.

They contribute with their learnings to the global Agenda Knowledge for Development.

Participants who successfully accomplish the challenges are awarded “Certified Knowledge Managers for Sustainable Development” by K4DP, the partner institutions, and our SKS-Partner Universities.

Previous challenges




The first K4D Challenge was implemented in 2021 and 2022 in partnership with FARA Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa as the “Knowledge Management for Agricultural Development Challenge 2021 and 2022”.

About 60 participants from 30 countries have been trained and coached by more than 20 experts, who supported them in the development of KM Strategies for their organisations and National Knowledge Policy Briefs for their countries.

Both KM4AgD Challenges concluded with the “Knowledge Management for Agricultural Development Conference”, held from 6-9 December 2021 and 13-15 September 2022 in Accra, Ghana. On that occasion of the first KM4AgD Conference, the Accra Declaration has been signed, laying the ground for a strategic, systematic and integrated approach to knowledge in agricultural development in Africa.

The KM4AgD Challenge will be continued on an annual basis.  For more information, go to


Accra Declaration in English


Accra Declaration in French 

Further Challenges


Further Challenges are being prepared.

The Africa Water and Sanitation Knowledge Management Challenge in cooperation with AMCOW African Ministers´ Council on Water will train 2 participants from each African countries and work towards a continental Water Knowledge Agenda.

The  Knowledge Management for Biodiversity Challenge shall strengthen Knowledge Management on national, regional and global levels,  implemented in partnership with the Convention on Biodiversity. The CBD Secretariat is hosted by UNEP in Montreal, Canada.

The KM4PADU Challenge was implemented from February to June 2023, trained KM focal points in all Ministries and key Agencies of Uganda and worked towards a National Knowledge Management Strategy for the Public Administration of Uganda. The project was implemented by the joint K4D-Centre at Makerere University Business School, which is a collaboration of MUBS and K4DP.

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