Bedi Amouzou

Jaap Pels

KennisKlussen | KnowledgeWorks, The Netherlands

It seems obvious knowledge is relevant for development. But so is trust, respect, innovation, co-creation, learning, money, (information) technology and a plethora of other conditions and intangibles. What’s most relevant however, is ‘Knowledge of- and by Development,’ reflecting Abraham Lincoln’s famous ‘Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth’ which guided development of the strongest democracy on earth. The Agenda Knowledge for Development thus should be on ‘Knowledge of-, by- and for Development.’ This indicates we left the ‘Development instrumental/implementation’ era where ‘Development is brought to the world’ (we bring Knowledge for Development) and adds extra focus on the human angle (Knowledge on Development as held in people’s heads and information) next to methodological guidance (Knowledge by Development).

Knowledge resides in people’s heads. That Knowledge has to come by Development and has – in the words of Stieglitz – to be ‘scanned for globally and re-invented locally.’ By local re-invention, recreation knowledge will be by and of -, and from there it can grow into for development. The Agenda Knowledge of, by- and for Development must therefore aim on bringing people together in international, local and on the ground action groups, meetings, activities, consortia, research groups, working groups and communities like the KM4Dev. To honour the work of the KM4Dev community with the KM Award 2016 is an expression of that Agenda. The Agenda Knowledge of-, by- and for Development bundles conversations between and activities among Development stakeholders, namely all human beings on our planet.