Inam Ahmed

The Business Standard

Since SDG is a global collective commitment to make life better free of poverty, hunger and to establish equality, access to resources and better environment, the effort to achieve this is quite a lofty task especially in the backdrop of the covid-19 pandemic situation.
The pandemic has changed the world, perhaps for a very long time. And it will need special attention and global support achieve the SDG. For some of the countries, it may be a daunting task altogether.
This is where the need for a collective effort is all the more necessary to make up the losses that the pandemic might have caused on the actions for SDG.
A collective knowledge sharing is also of utmost importance at this juncture so that the best practices are known to all, so that a short circuiting the long process is known to all so that despite the pandemic’s chipping effect, the goals remain unchanged with the set deadline.
Democracy needs accountability and sharing of knowledge will lead to that democratization of SDG knowledge, the combination of which will lead to make possible a word free of poverty and hunger.