Euphrasius Fuorr

Chief Executive Officer, Planit Uganda Limited

Planit Uganda Limited is here to upgrade and carry forward the desire of all communities in the sector of the built environment. The heart beat is to provide technologies that are accessible and affordable, promoting development and sustainability. The target scope of Planit is simply the whole world. The current trend is technological advancement in all sectors for the betterment of the masses and society. One thing that should be a prerequisite is seeking for a good way to access, use, manage and disseminate information and working principles. Without contradiction, this requires acquisition of appropriate and specialized knowledge to address issues of different sectors. Simply put, we need to acquire a profitable condition of knowing things to better our state. We need to get skills, facts and principles. The ‘knowledge city’ will augment awareness and promote livelihoods. Therefore, I pledge unwavering support for the ‘Knowledge City’ and assure you of Planit’s support to the concept..