Dr. Rezwan-ul-Alam

Managing Director serving at Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF) in charge of knowledge management portfolio, research, communication, and knowledge management.

He specializes in the field of knowledge management, policy advocacy, partnership, development communication, media, child rights, youth engagement, and anti-corruption. He had served in the Government of Bangladesh, UNICEF, the World Bank, TI-Bangladesh, and media in various capacities during his career spanning over two decades. A specialist in military-media relations including the defense sector’s transparency and accountability.

Dr. Alam obtained his PhD. in Journalism under the Commonwealth Scholarship from City, the University of London in 1997. He is currently an adjunct faculty at Independent University, Bangladesh, teaching undergraduate students on development communication. Dr. Rezwan’s book on Military-media relations in Bangladesh, 1975-1990 is regarded as “the incipient substantial work on the subject” in Bangladesh.

His contribution to K4DP has translated Agenda Knowledge for Development in Bangla and collected statements from 10 distinguished personalities in Bangladesh on their views on knowledge for the development agenda. Also promoted K4DP’s vision through a recent op-ed in Bangladesh’s leading national English daily and added two topics on KM for undergraduate students at IUB.

Alongside, demystifying knowledge management for development communication and Knowledge agenda for development. Efforts are being continued to build partnerships with private universities to offer short courses on KM issues, building partnerships with the Government and private sectors to establish K4DP’s footprint in Bangladesh.