Catherine Amulen

Global Health Corps Alumni, Uganda Chapter 

If you asked me what it would be If I had to provide one priority action to transform a nation like mine into a modern prosperous country, I would give one answer and that answer would be knowledge management. Needful to say the bible identifies with the fact that knowledge is very important and the equivalent of not being knowledgeable is equitable to perishing. ‘My people perish for lack of knowledge’ Hosea 4:6. I go a long way to defend the importance of knowledge particularly in health and development.

I know and strongly believe that educational institutions in Uganda right from pre-primary schools through to universities have a major role to play as change agents particularly in instilling and propagating the positive attitudes, promoting public awareness and understanding of knowledge-based sustainable strategies for development, and reorienting existing education through curricula reviews, appropriate pedagogies as well as institutional structures.

Knowledge systems in place where media is not excluded cannot be underestimated because media has diverse technologies available for promoting communication for development and hence channeling knowledge and putting it open to the benefit a productive generation.

For all these to take effect, aggressive, deliberate and a coherent range of policies need to be well implemented in order to achieve an integrated peaceful and prosperous nation that is chiefly driven by the knowledgeable people/citizens in its habitation. Very specifically, this comes with a knowledge base of a knowledge instrument described in a knowledge city. So why won’t we wait for the knowledge city to break the barricades of availability, accessibility, affordability, reliability, usability of knowledge! Why won’t we? Knowledge city we await you eagerly!