Atsu Senamé

A Certified Knowledge Manager who has developed expertise in knowledge management as part of his duties. Has participated in missions to develop knowledge management strategies, capitalize on experiences, and train as a mission leader. An associate consultant for institutions such as UNDP, ASARECA, OCDI-Caritas, GF2D, and ANVT.

He also holds the position of Director of the French-speaking area of ​​K4DP and is a member of its steering committee. He was among the founders of the African Knowledge for Development Partnership at the UN headquarters in Nairobi -Kenya. A co-founder of Knowledge City in Togo to advance Togo and French-speaking countries in the knowledge economy and bring out knowledge cities.

In this vein, Atsu graduated in sociology from the University of Lomé in Togo with more than 10 years of working experience in territorial planning, social project management, and support for project management.

He aims to promote K4DP and knowledge management in French-speaking countries. In supporting the development of national, regional, and thematic agendas of knowledge for development. The facilitation of scientific partnerships between French-speaking universities through the establishment of the school of knowledge sciences. The training of young people on the themes of knowledge, the support, and certification of NGOs and local businesses through the K4DP Awards.