The Knowledge for Development Partnership aims to include stakeholder groups from all over the world to create, drive and implement the Agenda Knowledge for Development for better knowledge sharing and collaboration, increased competence in knowledge management, and better conditions for individual knowledge work. But this process shall not end here. We will continue to listen to the people from all countries and to get in dialogue with them. Additionally we are collaborating with local partners to implement the Agenda Knowleodge for Development in a growing number of countries and form National Knowledge Partnerships.

Join us

There are two main ways in which you can associate yourself or your organization with the Knowledge for Development Partnership. First, you can become a formal member of the partnership by filling in this membership form. This gives you full participation and voting rights. Second, you can be become a partner by signing a partnership declaration. By becoming a partner, you ally yourself to Knowledge for Development Partnership but you have no formal responsibilities.

Members, partners and others are more than welcome to contribute to the Agenda Knowledge for Development by contributing a personal statement, and to join our mailing list.

Our work

This dialogue is open and online, but we know that face-to-face communication is critically important as well. Therefore, we are working with our partners to establish K4DP initiatives in a growing number of places around the world for better collaboration and local contextualization of the Agenda Knowledge for Development. As is explained in the Agenda Knowledge for Development itself, this new perspective on knowledge aims to contribute to the wider United Nations’ Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals.

The mission of K4DP is the global advancement of peaceful, wealthy, sustainable and inclusive knowledge societies and to foster global knowledge partnerships for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and successfully implementing the Agenda 2030.

It is our vision to be the world´s leading multi-stakeholder partnership in the field of knowledge for development in terms of competence, innovation, diversity, participation and impact on global and local level. K4DP shall be acknowledged by the UN, governments, regional bodies, cities, industry partners, academia, expert communities, and civil society.

The global Knowledge Partnership shall be based on local Knowledge Partnerships in Cities and Regions to be globally connected and locally grounded.