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KM4D Award

Knowledge Management ist not a theoretical stand alone concept. It is implemented by real people, working in real organizations, having responsibility for today’s real challenges. K4DP celebrates achievements or organizations and companies applying KM in practice in a responsible way, and recognizes the success with the KM4D Award.

The KM4D Award is a great opportunity to master the challenges of KM together with peers and experts in a responsible way. A team of international experts has provided a framework for orientation including (self) assessment criteria and a step-wise approach to achieve the Award.

The KM4D Award is not competitive! Any organization achieving the defined levels can achieve this noble recognition. Therefore sharing experiences and learning from others is beneficial and useful – like in real life. In a world of global challenges and common goals, collaborativeness is the new competitiveness.

The KM4D Award is a design masterpiece, called the “knowledge tree”, created by the Austrian¬† top-designers of walking-chair. The three leaves are in bronze, silver, or gold, depending on the level of your achievements.¬†

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