Kampala Knowledge Week, 6-8 August 2018

Kampala.Knowledge.Week took place on 6-10 August 2018. It included the first Africa-based Knowledge for Development Partnership (K4DP) meeting. The Agenda Knowledge for Development, as well as the mission and strategies of K4DP have been acknowledged and highly appreciated by the 100 participants at Hotel Africana in the centre of Kampala.

Among the highlights of the K4DP event were the keynote lecture of Prof. Obwoya Kinyera Sam, board member of the Ugandan National Planning Authority (NPA) who opened the conference on behalf of the state minister for ethics and integrity. Prof. Sam highlighted the relevance of knowledge in national planning and the development of Uganda. He expressed NPA’s full support for the ideas of K4DP by signing first the K4DP Partnership Declaration, thereby officially launching K4DP in Uganda.

The Knowledge Dancers performed three outstanding knowledge dances and created a unique spirit full of energy, meaning, and passion. The 20 dancers dedicated the dances specifically to knowledge, partnership and inclusion. One dance was performed by two dancers, one of them being disabled, performing a remarkable dance together. The videos are currently in production and will be provided asap. An art exhibition with works by the Ugandan artists, Louise Deininger and Thomas Vava, focused on vision and passion linked with knowledge for development. Bishop Steven Mulungi prayed for trust, empathy, creativity and peace in the partnership.

K4DP welcomes 80 new Ugandan – and two Zambian – partners who will be pioneers and drivers of K4DP in Uganda and Africa. The Zambian participants are thinking of developing the K4DP in Zambia and will be glad to find colleagues to realize it.

The world café on advancing the Ugandan knowledge society was energetic and productive, the results are being condensed and will be provided soon. Within the next months a follow-up meeting will be held to initiate thematic working groups for the implementation of actions.

The K4DP-event was combined with four days of intensive training, the KM Essentials (2 days) and KM Advanced (2 days) Course offered by knowledge.city. 16 participants representing public bodies, companies, NGOs, international organizations, academics, artists, and small business acquired solid knowledge management skills and will continue to receive the KM Certificate, which also requires the creation of a sound KM concept for their organization.

The event as well as the whole knowledge week were organized and financed by Knowledge City Uganda, K4DP´s local partner. The Austrian Development Agency is co-funding the knowledge.city in Uganda and Kenya including its support for K4DP. Opening words by Günter Engelits, head of mission of the Austrian embassy in Uganda and head of Austrian Development Agency, as well as by Dr. Kurt Müllauer, Austrian Commercial Councelor, express Austria´s strong commitment and support to K4DP in Africa – not to forget the mentoring for K4DP by Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

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